RedHotPie: Unleash the Beast!

Near-naked beauties, fur- and leather-clad beasts, and plenty of perverted pets being led around on chains… sounds like another Spank party! That’s exactly what revelers got at last month Beauty and the Beast bash hosted by the legendary Spank Parties. It was a condensed Spank but the fun raged at full throttle at what was a new venue for Spank, the sexalicious Bar Open. The room was filled with titillating going’s on and tremendous treats for each and every sense; from the Goddess worship corner for the dominant girls and all their foot rubbing subs to the dungeon master and mistress dishing out the sexy tough love it was an electrifying scene…

The mix of upbeat house music with a dash of doof saw the dance floor packed hard. Those not shaking their groove thang flirted in the comfy booths or took a pew to watch other’s play in the dungeon. As usual, BDSM activity was limited to light play only due to Spank’s ‘no breaking of skin’ rule – one reason this party continues to be so popular with newbies and the ‘fluffy fetish’ dressup crowd. We’ve heard a rumour that the next big Spank will explode onto the Perth scene in 2 or 3 months, so watch RedHotPie for details – and if you still haven’t dared to try one of these infamous parties, we recommend you get your kinky head on and get down there for one of the wildest nights in town!!